School Placement

Education Consulting: Preschool – High School

All parents want the best for their children.  But how you define “best” differs for each child.  In her career, Kimbrell has worked with elementary, middle and high school students in Atlanta independent schools. As Advisory Counselor for Trinity School, she was responsible for the school placement of elementary school students in local middle schools. This work coupled with her experience as a teacher, Chaplain and College Counselor at The Westminster Schools, has led Kimbrell to appreciate the importance of thoughtful and informed admissions counseling for families. Her goal is for children to be placed in schools where they will grow and thrive, and to provide a broader perspective for parents, diffusing the unnecessary stress that can accompany the admissions process.

Teegarden Education Group’s approach to Educational Consulting is Based on 4 Core Beliefs:

  • Atlanta is fortunate to have many excellent schools, both public and private.
  • There are multiple strong school matches for the vast majority of children.
  • Children are best served in a school that cultivates and honors their unique abilities and learning styles.
  • Selecting and applying to schools can be stressful for families, but it does not have to be if the process is navigated in the right way!